- AJ Styles & Tomko defeated Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships. The match kicked off with Styles and Joe exchanging takedown attempts. Joe with a few takedowns on Styles and then applies a leg submission before Styles gets to the ropes. Nash got the tag and lifted Styles high in the air from the corner and slammed him back to the mat hard. Styles dropkicks Nash on his bad knee and then goes to work. Nash kicks Styles away and Tomko got the tag. Tomko levels Nash with a few shots to the head. Nash fights back working on Tomko in the corner with a few elbow shots. Tomko kicks Nash in the knee and then levels him with a clothesline. Tomko drops down and applies an ankle lock. Tomko breaks the hold, tags in Styles and Styles flips in landing on the knee of Nash. Quick tag back to Tomko, but Nash counters a charge into a side slam. Joe and Styles get the tag. Joe with an atomic drop and senton splash on Styles. Samoan drop by Joe on Tomko. Big boot by Nash on Tomko and Joe follows it up with a big overhead suplex. Styles springboards off the top rope and dropkicks Joe on the back. Styles drills Joe with a big dropkick to the face after a series of counters off the ropes. Tomko stays on Joe applying a neck submission. Tomko tags in Styles before Joe can tag in Nash. More quick tags between Styles and Tomko. Tomko with big chops to Joe followed by a falling DDT. Lots of exchanges between Joe and Styles. Joe with a powerbomb on Styles when Styles springboarded off the top rope. Powerslam by Joe on Tomko. Joe crawls to the corner to tag in Nash, but Nash pulls his hand back and flips off Joe. Nash jumps off the ring apron and walks to the back. Styles and Tomko attempt a double team move, but Joe counters and takes out both. Joe slams Styles in the corner and then kicks Tomko in the head. Joe gets Styles up and connects with the Muscle bBuster. Cover...1...2...Tomko breaks it up. Styles with a Pele Kick on Joe. Tomko and Styles get Joe up and hit the double team combo for the pinfall to retain the tag titles.

- Game 3 of the drinking contest between Eric Young and James Storm is up now. They are doing shots this time playing the high card/low card game. Storm takes the first shot. Young has to take the second shot. Young has to take the third shot and loses. They have Young do it through a beer bong. James Storm is the winner and gets to choose the kind of match they will have at Against All Odds.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Champion Kurt Angle. Borash said no answer from Styles yet despite the best efforts of Karen. Kurt asks what he means. Borash said she tried to seduce Styles. Kurt laughs and said no one can turn his wife down and that things will work out tonight.

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