As reported earlier on here, Snitsky and Hardcore Holly have both already won such a match as well, putting them in the Rumble.

Jesse Ventura is back with another book that the Associated Press is calling "vintage Ventura". Part personal memoir, part political rant and all Jesse, Ventura uses the book to rail against organized religion and the media and detail many of his encounters with celebrities. "Is it worth it to put my family and me out there, to take on a force that most of the American people are willing to go along with?" Ventura writes in the book, due in stores in April. "The government is supposed to be us, and it's not us anymore. It's been hijacked. Just when is somebody going to do something?"

We reported a few weeks ago that nude photos of the late Nancy Benoit would be appearing in the March 2008 issue of Hustler Magazine. Subscribers of the publication of now received the issue featuring Benoit. The following is an excerpt from her two-page spread: "Back when Nancy was ready to take everything off for the camera, her future had yet to be written. The Nancy of yore was merely an innocent young woman seeking an opportunity to model, not a world of freakish pranks, demonic gimmicks, and insidious steroids. One can only imagine what fate would have had in store had she continued her quest to become a model..." The photos were taken before she got into wrestling. Nancy was doing bikini and wet t-shirt competitions in Florida when somebody approached her with an offer to be in Penthouse. She did a photoshoot, which was video taped. Nancy never submitted the photos and later had them destroyed, but the video tape was never destroyed and that is the source of the Hustler pictures.

The official commercial promoting UFC 81: Breaking Point has been released and surprisingly it contains a lot of WWE footage of Brock Lesnar. The WWE footage includes Lesnar's WWE entrance, some high-impact movs and and him posing with the WWE title above his head. They show a wide shot of a WWE ring and then after a quick flash it turns to the octagon. The voice over says: "What if one of the greatest wrestlers stepped out of the ring and into the octagon? Wrestling superstar Brock Lesnar breaks into the ufc against former heavyweight champion Frank Mir. This is as REAL as it gets!" UFC President Dana White is also shown saying, "If Brock Lesnar can back up all the things he's saying, he might become the biggest star in mixed martial arts". With UFC being WWE's #1 Pay-Per-View rival and the very rocky relationship between Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon, one has to wonder what UFC had to give WWE for access to that footage. WWE is known for being very protective over their intellectual property, so it seems strange that they would help a competitor promote one their former top stars so effectively, especially with UFC's "as real as it gets" jab at pro wrestling.

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