TNA and ECW are getting closer than ever in the ratings. Last week's TNA iMPACT! drew a 1.1 rating. This week's ECW show drew a 1.15 rating.

Warning: The following contains a *SPOILER* for tonight's iMPACT: Gail Kim will drop the TNA Knockouts title to Amazing Kong on tonight's iMPACT! She was injured at Sunday night's "Final Resolution" PPV and will be taking some time off. As we reported here earlier, original reports said she injured her leg but she actually suffered a concussion.

This hasn't gotten any attention, but a month ago, Chris Harris wrote a really interesting pseudo-shoot blog on his official website. Basically, he complains about TNA holding him down, although he appears to be "in character" in the piece. For instance, he wrote: "That glass ceiling that I was suppose to break through suddenly had a trap door that fell right on top of me. Dustin Rhodes returned to TNA and cost me to lose the match with Christian. Within days I found myself locked in a feud with a re-creation of Golddust with a sick...evil twist. Nothing against Dustin...because I like him and he has had a great career, but how does this help me? In a matter of weeks I went from the main events to the bottom of the card in matches that were barely talked about. My TV time was cut in half. I was told when we went to 2 hours things would change. The next two months my matches with Dustin at the PPVs were not even mentioned when building for the show. Somehow I managed to get the task of making sure Black Reign made a huge impact in Chris Harris' expense!" He also complains about all the TV time Kurt Angle has been getting: "I will first say that Kurt has earned his spot in wrestling. He is one of the greatest performers I have ever seen...but how much Kurt Angle do we need. It wasn't that he wasn't good in his role because he is very entertaining. We just don't need 11 segments of Kurt in one show. (I counted one night while watching Impact)" He then complains about being left off of their November PPV and how he is losing his passion for wrestling. You can check out the piece at this

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