Jim Ross will be doing the color commentary at tonight's Oklahoma vs. Iowa State St. NCAA wrestling event. This will be a onetime deal for Ross as matches start at 7 PM EST.

The A&E Biography Channel has announced that they will be airing several wrestling biographies from Monday, March 24th to Thursday, March 27th at 8 PM. The biographies of Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and Vince McMahon are set to air. Here is the synopsis: Prepare for a SmackDown as The Biography Channel steps into the ring with some pro wrestlers that became household names in North America. Meet the king of the WWE pro-wrestler, promoter and majority owner Vince McMahon and find out how 80s hero Hulk Hogan is reinventing himself as a reality TV star. Enjoy a beer bash with Stone Cold Steve Austin and get ready for the ultimate royal rumble with some of the bad boys of wresting and their wild antics in and out of the ring.

WWE has quietly removed the profile of Bobby Lashley from the Raw roster section on their official website. When you go to the old page, you get a "cannot be found" page instead. Lashley has reportedly given his notice and is in the process of negotiating his release with the company.

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