Notes On John Cena Overseas And His Return

Notes On John Cena Overseas And His Return
John Cena was on Soccer AM, a British Saturday-morning football show earlier this week. He had a funny segment where he had battle rap with one of the crew members of the show, Tubes.

John Cena was at the Tottenham - Arsenal soccer match for a place in the Carling Cup Final and noted that he was a Tottenham fan. To see the highlights of this segment at the Sky Sports website, click here. (Thanks to Brad Lovelock).

Cena was also in Italy for a promotional tour this week. He appeared on a local television program doing a bodybuilding posedown with a local Italian wrestler. He noted that he felt ready to return soon, however the doctors won't clear him yet. While he may make an appearance at WrestleMania, he won't be able to wrestle until the early summer after he's done filming his new movie.

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