More On Christy's iMPACT! Absence, Kong Update, Backstage News

More On Christy's iMPACT! Absence, Kong Update, Backstage News
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Christy Hemme didn't appear at ringside for two straight weeks on iMPACT! (1/10 & 1/17) when her men had matches on both shows. Although, she appeared on the PPV that was held during the week of the tapings. There is a reason for her missing the shows. Hemme had a full medical evaluation, and during the evaluation, she told the doctor that she believed she suffered a concussion in a match a few months ago with Awesome Kong. The doctor wouldn't clear her to come to ringside or bump, and so she missed the iMPACT! tapings that week. Some angles booked had to be dropped due to her no-show. She was back at ringside for last week's tapings, but didn't take any bumps. Furthermore, there is heat on Hemme for all this. They're upset that she didn't reveal her situation earlier. Hemme's explanation was that she was afraid if she call in hurt earlier, they would hold it against her.

The TNA ring name of Awesome Kong's manager is 'Saed'. Don West revealed her name on iMPACT! this past Thursday.

Internally, it was almost a universal feeling that the "Global Impact" special was a great show, with some saying that it was the best TV TNA has done in a while. Jim Cornette in particular raved about it, as did a number of wrestlers. The booking team was also positive on the show, even though it was significantly different from the product they produce on a weekly basis.

Kurt Angle will be going to the United Kingdom this Thursday (February 7th) to promote TNA's UK tour in June. Angle will be doing autograph signings along with media appearances.

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