Steve Mazzagatti, the man who refereed Brock Lesnar's UFC debut, spoke to and explained why he issued a point deduction againsts Lesnar during the fight: These fighters are extremely skilled fighters, and a grappler like Frank, that's what they're trained to do: when you have a guy in half guard on top of you, you don't want to give the guy room to punch. So that was Mir's defense. You suck up close to (your opponent's) chest, tuck yourself up under them, and that covers you from getting hit. At first, Brock started to do the right thing by winding up with the hook from behind and pushing Mir's head away from his stomach. Then you can blast him in the face… but to have to worry about getting struck in the back in the head in a situation like that isn't something Frank should have had to worry about. But that was a target that presented itself to Brock.

PRIDE FC Worldwide Holdings, the company set up by Zuffa, LLC (owners of the UFC) to acquire Pride, have filed a lawsuit against Dream Stage Entertainment and Nobuyuki Sakakibara. The suit essentially claims that Zuffa was defrauded millions of dollars when they purchased Pride.

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