You can see read the preview for WWE 24/7 content during the month of March at It is a WrestleMania-themed month.

The Wrestlemania 24 PPV in standard definition is listed at $54.95 on The HD broadcast is listed at $69.95.

The "John Cena My Life" DVD has now sold aprox. 55,470 copies.

People claim to have seen the ghost of Owen Hart -

Lance Storm has signed on with Jakks to be a part of the Classic Superstars line.

Tim Arson appeared on Sirius Radio's Howard Stern Show today. He is best known as working the first ECW on Sci-Fi show as "The Zombie" and also has worked as Tim Arson vs Striker on Heat. He was on the Stern show today and played a segment called "Win Fred's Money" Although he didn't win the $5,000 prize , he did come away with $500 and tickets to see Artie Lange at the Borgata in Atlantic City February 16th.

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