- Eric Young defeated James Storm to retain the TNA Drinking Championship. James Storm attacked Eric Young as he tried having fun with the fans at ringside. Storm threw Young in the ring and took him out with a few punches. Young fought back with a big Lou Thesz Press and then clotheslined Storm over the top rope. Young then took out Storm with a huge cross body off the top rope. Jackie Moore distracted Young allowing Storm to spit beer in his face. Young sent Storm over the top rope, but Storm landed on the ring apron and kicked him in the back of the head. Storm removed padding at ringside and gave Young a hip toss right on the concrete. Storm threw Young back in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Young fought back giving Storm a suplex on the exposed concrete and throwing him back in the ring. When Young went to get back in the ring, Storm grabbed him by the head and dropped him down in a big DDT. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm on Young and signals he is getting the belt back. Storm chokes Young with his boot and then throws him into the corner hitting a few slaps. Young then takes out Storm with a big running powerbomb and gets the crowd pumped up. Young with a clothesline on Storm, shoulder block from the ring apron and then a quick belly-to-belly that results in a two count. Storm gives Young a quick scoop slam and then goes up to the top rope. Storm jumps attempting a flip dive, but Young moves and connects with a big moonsault from the top rope! Young puts Storm up on the top rope, Jackie comes in, Young puts Jackie on his shoulders and Storm on his shoulders as well. Young hits a double death valley driver, covers, but Storm somehow kicks out and Young can't believe it. Storm with a sunset flip pin using his feet on the ropes, but Young kicks out. Jackie then gets in the referees face, tosses Storm a beer bottle, but Rhino appears in the corner! Rhino levels Storm with a huge Gore and Storm's beer goes flying. Young hooks the leg of Storm and gets the pinfall.

After the match, Rhino leaves the ring and Eric Young holds up the Drinking Championship. Rhino gets in the ring with a mic in hand. Rhino said he has a lot to say, but tonight is not the night or the place. He said this Thursday night on Spike TV is where he will speak, but he is back and back to kick some ass.

- We go to the backstage area of the Impact Zone where Crystal is with Jim Cornette. Cornette talked about booking Barbed Wire Massacre 2 and how the South Carolina Athletic Commission banned them from having the match in the state. He said the Barbed Wire Massacre will take place tonight as advertised since TNA always comes through, but that it will go down "live" in Orlando, Florida at the Impact Zone instead. Cornette uses a tomato to show how brutal this match can be tonight running it against the barbed wire.

- A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight's TNA Women's Title Match between champion Awesome Kong and challenger ODB.

Women's Title Match is up NEXT.

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