- Awesome Kong defeated ODB to retain the TNA Women's Championship. The match starts with Kong shoving ODB. ODB shoved Kong back. They grab each other by the hair, break it up, ODB goes for a scoop slam, but can't. ODB then slaps Kong on the chest, but Kong takes her out with a clothesline. Kong's manager gets in the face of ODB when she leaves the ring. ODB slaps Kong when Kong puts her head out between the ropes. Back in the ring, Kong splashes ODB in the corner with force and then throws her out of the ring. Kong sends ODB into the guard railing on the outside. Kong grabs ODB and throws her again into another part of the guard railing. Kong throws ODB back in the ring and kicks her on the back. Kong drops a forearm over the back of ODB as well. Kong attempts a powerbomb, ODB gets in some punches, Kong puts ODB on the top rope and ODB goes for a tornado DDT. Kong fights out of it and slams ODB down. ODB reverses another powerbomb attempt and hits Kong with three dropkicks. ODB goes up to the top rope, jumps and finally takes Kong off her feet. Kong fights back with a huge clothesline and then connects with an Implant Buster dropping ODB right on her face. Kong covers ODB, but ODB somehow kicks out. Kong looks to hit a splash from the top rope, but ODB flips up and grabs Kong flipping her off the top rope to the ring. ODB covers Kong, but Kong kicks out. ODB grabs her flask and drinks it. ODB hits Kong with two big shots, but Kong stays up. ODB takes out Kong's manager on the ring apron, but Kong connects with a spinning back fist. Kong grabs ODB and connects with the Awesome Bomb and gets the pinfall to retain the TNA Women's Title.

After the match, Kong grabs her title and throws it over her shoulder staring down at ODB. We then see highlights from the match leading to the finish. Back live, Kong smiles at ODB and ODB has a frustrated look on her face.

- We go "live" to the Impact Zone with James Mitchell. Mitchell said tonight is about violence. He talks about how the barbed wire will cut into the flesh of Abyss tonight and how Abyss will beg for him to stop Judas Mesias from sending him to hell.

- A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight's Barbed Wire Massacre 2 Match between Abyss and Judas Mesias.

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