Although John Cena is friendly with virtually everyone in the locker room and the wrestlers respect his work ethic, he is also considered a "kiss ass" by some. Cena hangs out with Vince McMahon, something not uncommon for the company's #1 babyface. One wrestler said, "Cena is definitely Vince's boy and that's why Triple H doesn't even try to f--- with him". While Cena is viewed as a company man, Randy Orton is viewed as someone who will stand up to management.

Following the news today that the Fayette County Sheriff's Office has closed its investigation into the Benoit family tragedy, the Atlanta Journal Constituion newspaper is reporting that both Chris and Nancy's families are considering wrongful death lawsuits against WWE.

The TNA iMPACT replay on February 9th did a 0.57 cable rating.

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