KansasCity.com has an article on the Owen Hart ghost sightings story that started circulating after a student newspaper in Rhode Island suggested that there have been sightings of the ghost of Hart in the Kemper Arena's rafters. Kemper Arena assistant general manager Mike Young said he has received e-mail about the ghost story from people, but not from any of his employees. "I haven't had any employees here talk to me about it," Young said. "I can't speak for all of them, but I haven't noticed anything unusual going on in the rafters. But who knows?" Supernatural "experts" suggest that ghosts need a power supply, which may explain the reports of flickering lights at Kemper. "We get about 300 power spikes a year inside Kemper," Young said. "And KCPL has them all documented. We're on the same power grid as downtown Kansas City, so anytime there's a spike there or an accident or bad weather, we get power surges or spikes, too."

Two-time IWGP heavyweight champion and former WCW wrestler Yuji Nagata, 39, was rushed to the hospital this morning when he showed up at Tokyo Sumo Hall for a New Japan show complaining of severe pain in the brain, reports the Wrestling Observer. He also said that he had no control of the left side of his body. According to people backstage, Nagata was speaking clearly. Also, the right side of his body was fine. Nagata said he had severe headaches two weeks ago but continued to wrestle and never got them checked out. Doctors at the show believe that he may have suffered a stroke.

Former WCW wrestler Tank Abbott was knocked out in only 43 seconds by Kimbo Slice at last night's Elite XC MMA show. Slice's knockout blow caused Abbott to do a "Flair flop."

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