TNA Destination X Results

- We see footage from earlier today of Rhino walking on top of the Elevation X structure above the ring. Rhino cut a promo on James Storm and their match tonight. They didn't cut the video soon enough as we heard Rhino add, "How was that?" at the end.

- Back live, Jim Cornette is in the ring. He said if Team 3D make weight tonight then they won't have to weigh-in ever again. However, if they don't make weight then their contracts with TNA will be terminated. Cornette then announced that after viewing the footage from Thursday, Kurt Angle's foot did touch the ground first and did win the match. He said he is hesitant to use video footage to make a new decision for the first time in wrestling so he asks the TNA fans what they should do tonight. The fans boo for giving the advantage to The Angle Alliance and cheer when Cornette said he wants to go backstage to tell them to suck it up. Cornette then announces that the decision from Thursday stands.

- A video package runs highlighting the events between Team 3D and Shark Boy & Curry Man leading into tonight's tag team match.

- Before the match, referee Earl Hebner brought the scales into the ring to weigh Team 3D. Brother Devon is up first and he makes weight. Brother Ray is up next and he makes weight as well. Team 3D celebrates

- Shark Boy & Curry Man defeated Team 3D in a Fish Market Street Fight (Team 3D made weight so they aren't fired). The match kicks off with Shark Boy and Curry Man rolling up Team 3D and getting close pinfalls. Shark Boy and Curry Man take out Brother Ray with a high back body drop followed by a double-dropkick on Ray as well. Team 3D then start to walk up the ramp to leave when Shark Boy and Curry Man chase them down. Shark Boy gets a fish and hits Devon with it. Curry Man drops Ray face first into a table full of fish. Curry Man then drives a fish into the chest of Ray. Shark Boy hits Devon with some more shots using a fish at ringside until Devon catches him with a quick uppercut. Curry Man then puts a Ho-Ho on a fishing pole line and Ray goes after it putting it in his mouth. Curry Man with a cross-body on Ray over the top rope. Curry Man puts fishing net over Ray's head and slap Ray with another fish. Ray then fights back giving Curry Man a high back body drop over a table full of fish. Ray then starts throwing fish into the crowd and the crowd even throws them back! Ray bites one of the fish and throws it at Tenay and West. Devon sets up a table at ringside when Johnny Devine hits Shark Boy with a kendo stick. Devine gets Shark Boy wrapped up in fishing line as Team 3D double-teams Curry Man in the ring. Ray licks a fish and then low blows Curry Man with it. Devon puts Curry Man in the tree of woe and Ray hits Curry Man with a rowing paddle. A loud "We Want Tables" chant starts up. Team 3D misses a splash on Curry Man. Shark Boy is up top and takes out Team 3D with a double clothesline. Shark Boy then gets leveled with a clothesline by Devon. Devon with a reverse DDT on Curry Man. Shark Boy then drops a fish across the crotch of Ray and Curry Man connects with a cross-body on Devon. Shark Boy and Curry Man with two facebusters on Team 3D. They follow that up with two tornado DDT's on 3D as well. Curry Man gets dumped out by Ray and Ray puts Shark Boy on his shoulders. Devon is up and connects with the Doomsday clothesline. A trash can gets brought in and Curry Man hits Ray with it. Devine tries to powder Curry Man, but hits Ray instead and Devine gets sent into a table over the top rope! The finish saw Ray assist in a 3D, but Ray was still blinded and he gave Devon a 3D and Shark Boy got the pinfall for his team.

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