TNA Destination X Results

After the match, fans were laughing at Team 3D. Brother Ray then gets in the face of Joel from Survivor and pushes him down. Joel tries to go after Ray, but security interferes and takes him away.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle gets in AJ Styles' face and tells him to stop worrying about Karen and to focus on taking out Samoa Joe, Christian Cage and Kevin Nash. They all leave and Jeremy Borash tells Styles that Karen Angle has a "bombshell" to drop on Impact this week.

- A video package runs highlighting the events between Booker T and Robert Roode leading into tonight's match.

- Robert Roode defeated Booker T in a Strap Match. Before the match, Booker T came out with the strap already around his wrist. The referee calls Robert Roode into the ring and puts the strap around his wrist as well. Roode bails outside of the ring, but Booker pulls him back in and hits Roode with some forearms and chops. Booker with a high back body drop on Roode and he continues to pull him towards the middle of the ring with the strap. Booker with a quick spin kick on Roode who goes down fast. Roode fights back with some right hands and then starts choking Booker with the strap. Roode with some shoulder charges in the corner on Booker. Booker comes back with some stiff chops on Roode. Roode responds with a forearm to the back and a quick russian leg sweep. Roode drags Booker across the mat with the strap and puts the boots to him. Booker gets a burst of energy and takes out Roode with some chops and then a big suplex. Roode counters an Axe Kick attempt by Booker into a DDT. Booker takes out the referee when Roode lights him up with rights and lefts and then both hit each other with a double-clothesline. On the outside, Traci Brooks takes out Payton Banks and takes her handcuffs. Brooks tries to throw them in to Booker, but Roode intercepts and puts them on his knuckles. Roode then takes out Booker with the handcuffs, throws them out and covers Booker to get the pinfall.

After the match, as per the stipulation it was announced that Traci Brooks must take 10 shots with the strap since Booker T lost. Atlas Security from the ECW days hit the ring and take Booker T to the back. Robert Roode and Payton Banks celebrate in the ring as the fans boo. Traci Brooks reluctantly gets into the ring. Payton Banks then hits Traci ten times, but continues to hit her more after the tenth shot. Traci then grabs the strap from Payton Banks until Roode hits the ring. Roode grabs her by the throat and throws her down. Roode teases he is going to leave, but turns around and slaps Traci over the back yet again. Sharmell then runs down and starts hitting Roode over the back repeatedly with the strap! Sharmell then goes after Payton Banks and she even hits security when they hit the ring. Jim Cornette runs down and tells her she can't do this. Sharmell then hits Cornette over the back with the strap and security finally takes her away.

- Backstage, Crystal is with James Storm and Jackie Moore. She says this match could be a career ending match for him tonight. Storm agrees and said he has thought about that before. He then tells Rhino that he is The Cowboy and doesn't back down from anybody. Storm adds that he hasn't drank all day and didn't think it was a good idea to be drinking before a match like this. He said he will not be held responsible for what happens to Rhino tonight.

- A video package runs highlighting the Elevation X.

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