TNA Destination X Results

- Back live, we see the Elevation X structure lowering above the ring.

- Rhino defeated James Storm in the Elevation X Match. James Storm was out first and he climbed to the top of the Elevation X structure. Storm had a rope with him and brought a six-pack of beer up to the top of the Elevation X. Rhino was out next and also climbed up (almost falling down on his way up). As Rhino reached the top and the bell rang, Storm climbed down and was shaking his head. Rhino grabs the six-pack of beer at the top and starts throwing the beer at Storm on the ground. Rhino then starts to climb down and goes after Storm. Rhino sends Storm into the steel guard railing two different times. Rhino pulls out a table and tosses it into the ring. Rhino puts a second table and trash can into the ring. Rhino throws Storm in the ring and sets up a table in a corner. Storm tries to send Rhino into the table, but Rhino dodges it. Storm almost gets sent into the table as well, but jumps over the top rope and lands on ring apron. Storm cracks the trash can over the head of Rhino and sets up the other table. Storm puts Rhino on the table, but Rhino jumps off and goes after Storm on the top rope. Rhino with a belly-to-belly suplex on Storm. Jackie Moore tries to hold Rhino back from doing a Gore. She slaps Rhino and then starts to climb up the Elevation X structure. Rhino follows her up and Jackie is on top. Jackie crawls to the other side, Rhino follows and Storm is also climbing up. Rhino turns and sees Storm at the top with him. Rhino dares Storm to crawl out to the middle. When Storm gets close, Rhino rakes the eyes and slams his head on the padding over the structure. Both get to their feet, Rhino almost falls off, but he hits the other side in time. Storm rakes the eyes of Rhino and bounches his head off the top a few times. Storm then climbs down the side and hides under the red padding at the top so Rhino can't see him. The fans help Rhino figure out where Storm is. Rhino removes the red padding and sees Storm laying down on the structure. Storm spits beer in the face of Rhino and then hits him with a few rights as he stands up. Storm then low blows himself across a bar at the top of the structure. Storm then loses balance on the bars and barely holds on. Rhino starts kicking down on his gut. Storm still holds on. Rhino continues to kick Storm down and Storm finally lets go and falls from the structure crashing through the table as the bell rings to end the match.

After the match, EMT's come to ringside with a stretcher. They attend to James Storm as Rhino climbs down the structure and celebrates his win. They show highlights of the finish and how Storm fell.

- A video package runs highlighting the events between The Angle Alliance and Samoa Joe, Christian Cage and Kevin Nash leading into tonight's six man tag.

- Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Tomko & AJ Styles) vs Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash and Christian Cage. Joe, Cage and Nash will have a one man advantage for the first five minutes of the match. The Unlikely Alliance, Joe, Cage, Nash get 5 minutes at a one man advantage thanks to the finish of the Cage/Angle steel cage match from IMPACT. Cage with repeated blows to AJ who tries to flip off the ropes at Cage but misses. Cage hits an elbow and a two count.

Cage and Tomko ion now as Cage chops Tomko. Tomko charges Cage in the corner but Cage moves. Tomko hosts up Cage in a gorilla press slam but he floats over. Tomko immediately hits a powerslam. Two count. For Tomko. Cage attacking Tomko in his own corner. AJ charges in but gets speared by Cage.

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