TNA Destination X Results

Joe in now and unleashes blows to the face of Tomko. Nash tagged in. Slams Tomko and then drops the elbow. Two count for Nash. Quick tag back to Cage. Tomko backs Cage into his corner and tags in Styles. Styles whips Cage to the corner, charges but gets an elbow to the face. One minute left for the advantage. Styles climbs the ropes and hits Spiral Tap on Cage. Nash jumps in and hits a Chokeslam on Cage. Tomko runs in and takes out Nash then takes the punches to Samoa Joe who gets off a snap slam on Tomko as he goes to the ropes. The countdown to Kurt Angle’s entrance is on..3..2..1.. Joe is waiting for him up the aisle. Here comes Angle.

Angle charges and they battle. Back in the ring Angle sends Joe out of the ring to the mat. Cage climbs the ropes, Angle charges him, Cage shoves him off and Cage hits a Frogsplash. Two count. Cage charges Angle who is near the ropes. Angle catches him and Belly to Belly’s Cage over the ropes to the outside mat. Angle spits in the face of Joe now.

A.J. in the ring now and applies a rear chinlock to Cage to slow the pace. Cage goes rope to rope and hits a dropkick on Cage. Tags in Tomko now who delivers b lows to the face of Cage. Cage tries to tag in one of his teammates. Tomko halts him then hits a Fall Away Slam on Cage. Two count.

Angle applies an Ankle Lock on Cage now. Cage rolls through and turns it into a pin but gets just two. Angle tries an Angle Slam. Cage floats over. Angle reverses that into a maneuver of his own. And AJ slides in and ultimately ends up double clotheslining Cage. Nash is in. He Snake Eyes’ Angle. Takes out Styles. Nash whips Tomko to the ropes and Big Boots Him. Nash goes for the Jackknife on Angle and hits. AJ flies in and springboard dropkicks Nash’s knee.

Samoa Joe in now and so is Tomko. Joe cleans house. He hits a running knee lift on Tomko. AJ flies in but Samoa Joe catches him and Powerbombs him down. AJ in the corner and Joe tries a Muscle Buster. Angle slides in and low blows him. AJ hits a Pelle Kick. Angle hits an Angle Slam on him. Two count. Christian Unprettier on Angle. Styles tossed to the outside. Chaos going on in the ring. Tomko Lariat’s Joe and screams in celebration, but Joe gets up and quickly slaps on the Rear Naked Choke. Tomko taps out. Your Winners: Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, Christian Cage

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