- Awesome Kong defeated ODB & Gail Kim to retain the TNA Women's Championship. The match kicks off Kong pushing Gail Kim and ODB away when they charge at her. Kim and ODB try to irish whip Kong, but Kong throws the two into each other and then follows it up with a double clothesline. Kong sends Kim and ODB both into the corner, but only splashes Kim when ODB moves out of the way. ODB dropkicks Kong against the ropes and then trys to throw her over the top rope. Kim goes up to the top rope and drops a leg over Kong's head to send her over in a cool spot. Kim gets in a few pinfall attempts on ODB, but ODB comes back with some pinfalls of her own. Kim breaks it up dropping ODB in a neckbreaker. Kim attempts a cross-body onto Kong at ringside, but Kong catches her. ODB then dives through the ropes and takes out Kong and Kim. ODB throws Kim back in the ring, chops her and then powers her down to the ring. Kim fights back with a few elbows and forearms. ODB counters with a fallaway slam on Kim. Kim then takes out ODB with a huge spear! Kim then tosses ODB over the top rope and Kong is back in the ring. Kong takes out Kim with a huge clothesline after sending Kim into the ropes. Kim dodges a splash from Kong in the corner and gets in a few chops on Kong. Kim attempts a crucifix pin on Kong, but Kong counters and goes for a spinning back fist. Kim dodges that and drops her knees into the face of Kong. ODB is back in and dropkicks Kong in the knees. Kong then lifts up ODB and slams her back down hard on the ring. Kim and ODB exchange rights on Kong. ODB drinks from her flask and Kim does so as well. Kim and ODB take out Kong with a double dropkick. Kim covers, but ODB breaks it up. ODB covers and Kim breaks that up. Kim takes out ODB with a clothesline, goes after Kong, but Kong catches her in a cross-body attempt. Kong gets tripped up but the pinfall gets broken up. Kong drops Kim face first into the ring and then splashes Kim with a huge frog splash! ODB breaks up the pinfall and then chops Kong a few times. Kong with an Implant Buster on ODB. Kong goes up to the top rope, but ODB rolls away and avoids the splash. Kong's manager trips up ODB allowing Kong to hit ODB with the Awesome Bomb to get the pinfall and retain the TNA Women's Title.

- We see footage from earlier today of Rhino walking on top of the Elevation X structure above the ring. Rhino cut a promo on James Storm and their match tonight. They didn't cut the video soon enough as we heard Rhino add, "How was that?" at the end.

- Back live, Jim Cornette is in the ring. He said if Team 3D make weight tonight then they won't have to weigh-in ever again. However, if they don't make weight then their contracts with TNA will be terminated. Cornette then announced that after viewing the footage from Thursday, Kurt Angle's foot did touch the ground first and did win the match. He said he is hesitant to use video footage to make a new decision for the first time in wrestling so he asks the TNA fans what they should do tonight. The fans boo for giving the advantage to The Angle Alliance and cheer when Cornette said he wants to go backstage to tell them to suck it up. Cornette then announces that the decision from Thursday stands.

- A video package runs highlighting the events between Team 3D and Shark Boy & Curry Man leading into tonight's tag team match.

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