• Comcast in the Houston Texas area has added WWE 24/7 to their line up.

  • Gregory Helms has a new blog up on his my space, discussing his recovery and people stealing moves from him while he's been gone. He's part of the blog: But the bright side is . . . that this gives me more time to come up with some new moves which I'm going to have to do as apparently "Saving the WWE" also meant doing my finish! Admittingly I didn't create this particular move but I had been "Breaking Codes" on WWE TV and PPV for around a year and a half, maybe more before my injury. That however, didn't bother me as much as seeing the Nightmare on Helms Street (Eye of The Hurricane) done once on both ECW and Smackdown. Now this is a move that I did personally create, so I was like, WTF? The body ain't even cold and these guys are rolling my ass! LOL! Phone calls were made after that. :) There used to be a code about doing the same finishes in the same company, I don't know what happened to that, but apparently it's out the doors these days. Is it really that hard to be creative and inventive? Where has all the creativity gone? Hell, at least when I brought the Shining Wizard to American, I modified it to make it my own and always gave credit to where I got it from, which is why that although my version of the Wizard is different, that I didn't change the name. The same thing with The VerteBreaker, a move that I, GREGORY HELMS, brought to American and made famous long before anyone else even thought about doing it. I got it from a different country, did it better, but always gave credit. I did have to change its original name though; cuz The VerteBreaker is the perfect name and description for that move! Btw, my version is still better!

  • The Chicago Sun-Times has a follow up article to the WrestleMania press conference with quotes from Triple H and the Big Show.

  • An update on a previous post about WWE sending home Ashley Massaro. I'm told WWE sent Massaro several weeks ago when she was in real bad shape at catering. At this time, WWE isn't expected to bring her back anytime soon.

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