The working plan was for Chris Jericho to engage in a long program with Jeff Hardy, but due to Hardy's suspension, that's obviously off the cards. Also, the Jericho vs. JBL feud was originally programmed to go longer, but the feud wasn't clicking and stylistically, JBL works better with Finlay and Jericho works better with Hardy.

WWE reported in their annual financial report that they have 570 full-time employees and 150 performers under talent contracts as "independent contractors."

WWE's new chief financial officer George Barrios has a starting salary of $500,000 per year. If profits reach their target level in 2008, he will receive a $200,000 bonus. He was also given 25,000 shares of WWE stock (worth approximately $465,000).

WWE has plans to release another DVD on Ric Flair on July 8. has a landing page on the product already. There are absolutely no details on it yet as all it says is "Ric Flair."

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