Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Early projections are that TNA will be "significantly profitable" in 2008. TNA has many revenue streams coming in, including rights fees for iMPACT!, the increase in demand for their talent, the upcoming Midway Video Game, overseas TV rights sales and house shows. With these taken into consideration TNA is expected to turn the corner financially, even with their PPV buy rates being lower than they were.

Panda Energy has not had to put any money into the promotion for over a year, which means that TNA has actually become a self-sufficient company. The feeling is that the company either broke even or made a small profit in 2007.

Jeff Jarrett wants to take the TNA product in a more serious direction, ala the Angle vs. Joe build. Jarrett wants more in ring time and the serious edge, while Vince Russo likes doing more pre-tapes and promos, and adding cute lines to them. Dutch Mantell wants what ever Jeff Jarrett wants.

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