WWE SmackDown! Results - April 11, 2008

WWE SmackDown! Results - April 11, 2008

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-The pyro blasts off and Cole says it's Friday night and that means it's time for TV's hottest show. They hype Festus vs. Undertaker for later tonight.

-Khali is in the ring surrounded by Punjabi dancers and a red tarp is covering the mat. Cole says he's set to make a peace offering to the Big Show. Somebody not named Rahjin Singh is in the ring with him doing the talking. He basically tells the fans that this is a peace offering. Khali starts ranting.

-Big Show makes his way out and gets in the ring. Khali talks some more and the new translator says Khali is offering a special water from the desert. Show smells it and doesn't seem put off by it. The next item in the offering is some of the world's finest scotch. Big Show takes a sip and cringes. A black chicken! Big show holds the chicken. My goodness they pulled a goat out of a cage. Big Show pets the goat.

-Big Show says that this is all amazing and can't describe how he feels, but he can show us. He shakes Khali's hand and then decks him! Khali got dropped like a ton a bricks. The fans cheer the disrespectful act. After showing a replay of the haymaker they show Khali still down on the ground as they head out to pay some bills.

-Back from the break they reshow Khali's extension of an olive branch. They hype another Batista and HBK war of words. Their doing another text poll for the Smackdown crowd about whether HBK did the right thing at 'Mania or not.

-Morrison makes his way to the ring.

-Miz comes out next. They show clips from the dirt sheet on WWE.com of the tag champs making fun of Yang and Moore.

-Wang Yang and Moore are ring bound for the match!


-Morrison and Moore start the action off. Morrison does a Rick Rude impersonation. Shoulder block out of a side headlock by Morrison. Moore comes back with a quick roll up for 2 then some forearms. A hurracanranna by Moore gets 2 when Morrison catches the ropes. Yang gets the blind tag and comes in with a drop kick on Morrison as he was bouncing off the ropes after a whip by Moore.

-Morrison hits a clothesline and tags in Miz who brings the boots. Body slam and leg drop for 2 follows before he goes for a back suplex. Yang flips out and hits Miz then tags in Moore. Moore hits a slingshot summersault press and Miz brings offense back. He tags in Morrison and they hit their double team catapult forearm, slingshot maneuver. Morrison puts in a headlock on the mat and Moore fights to his feet. He delivers some elbows, but Morrison maintains control and gets a tag to Miz.

-Miz puts in a side headlock then hits a clothesline and Morrison comes back in. Spinning corkscrew leg drop from Morrison that gets two. He mounts Moore and delivers some fists to the face and slaps on a modified camel clutch. Moore gets to his feet, but gets hit with a body slam. Morrison poses and draws some boo's then bends down to pick up Moore and gets a kick to the face for it. Yang gets the hot tag!

-A series of kicks lead to a pinfall attempt on Morrison who kicks out. He goes for the big monkey flip in the corner, but Morrison blocks it and catapults Yang to the top rope who comes off with a flying dropkick. Miz causes a distraction and Morrison hits a springboard spin kick that gets 2. A blind tag to Miz is made and Morrison runs at Yang who yanks down the ropes and he flies to the outside. Miz runs in and catches Yang with a reverse RKO/inverted neckbreaker type move for 3.

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