WWE SmackDown! Results - April 11, 2008

WWE SmackDown! Results - April 11, 2008

***Miz and Morrison win in 8:24. (**).

-Vickie and Edge are shown backstage or supposed to be spa getting massages. It feels great and they love each other.

-Finlay and Hornswoggle are back on Smackdown. They get a nice reaction. Cole is extremely excited and giggly about Horny being back.

-Matt Striker heads to the ring for some TV time. Cole mentions that Coach and Striker are friends. That's sweet.


-They lock up and Finlay puts in a side headlock. Striker throws him off, but Finlay hits a shoulder block. They lock up again and get tangled in the ropes. Horny has a water gun and shoots Striker in the back with it. Ok, that's thrown me off.

-Striker gets Finlay tangled in the ropes and hits a dropkick to the back of his head. He applies a keylock and Finlay works out of it and hits a rolling senton then catapults Striker into the buckles. Big clothesline gets a 2 count. Striker hits a drop toe hold that puts Finlay's throat in the ropes. Finlay nails Striker with forearms on the outside. Hornswoggle throws a bunch of streamers at Striker out of a Gatorade cooler. Finlay now throws water at Striker out of another one.

-Back inside Striker gains control and Horny runs in and hits Striker with a balloon. Striker grabs it and tries to show the ref what happened. Finlay now hits Striker with a real shillelagh and gets the win.

***Finlay wins in 4:54. (1/2*).

-After the match Horny hits the tadpole splash.

-They run the clip from last week when Victoria spoiled McCool's diva contest victory. Also the debut of Natalie Neidhart is shown.

-Victoria heads to the ring with Natalie, or Natalia.

-Victoria gets a mic and introduces us to her new best friend, and diva, Natalia Neidhart. Natalia got a decent pop when it was revealed her last name was Neidhart. She says the name should ring a bell. They run a video package on the Anvil.

-Neidhart gets the mic and says the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She says it isn't about her father though, it's about her. When you mess with the best you go down like the rest. She laughs and says yeah baby. If you've seen her on the indy scene you know she impersonates her dads laugh and yells yeah baby. Well, the laugh is now more sly, thankfully, and yeah baby is said with more savvy, but she did both.

-Michelle McCool runs in and the match begins.


-Michelle nails Victoria with a clothesline on the outside. Back in the ring Michelle mounts Victoria and nails some punches. Michelle heads up top and Victoria cuts her off with punches then heads up top. Superplex by Victoria!

-Victoria charges McCool in the corner, but gets met with a boot. Michelle hits a neckbreaker then Natalia distracts her. Michelle starts jawing at her and Victoria rolls her up and pulls the tights for the win.

***Victoria gets the victory in 1:50.

-HBK and Batista are next.

-When they come back from Break Michael Cole is in the ring. He hypes the HBK and Batista feud and their match at Backlash. He invites us through the use of video footage to take a look back at how this all started. They show the war of words from Smackdown last week and this week's Raw. It's rather lengthy. Special effects galore are used, as expected.

-Cole welcomes out "Smackdown's own" Batista. He looks like he means business.

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