WWE SmackDown! Results - April 11, 2008

WWE SmackDown! Results - April 11, 2008

***2nd HOUR

-Once the music shuts off and he stands alone in the ring some boo's rain down on him.

-HBK comes out now to a large pop.

-Batista opens his mouth and says they don't need a talk show host as Cole gets out the ring. HBK goes off saying everyone has moved on and Flair has closure. The only one still holding on to it all is Batista. Batista's problem isn't with what happened to Flair, it's with him. Batista says HBK is right and it's not all about Ric. Batista thinks Shawn Michaels hasn't changed a bit. He mentions that blood doesn't wash off, it stains. HBK step on people and stabbed them in the back on his rise to the top. Batista tells people what they have coming. HBK goes off saying he didn't have the luxury of being 6'5, he had to earn his spot and he did whatever he had to, to get it and keep it. He's going to knock Batista's teeth out at Backlash. He drops the mic. Batista drops his mic. HBK goes for the superkick, but pulls up on it and puts the leg down. Then they start brawling and Batista gets HBK in position for the Batista Bomb and HBK runs out of the ring.

-Kozlov makes his way to the ring. I don't know who came up with the idea of a dark arena and no music with a spotlight on Kozlov as an entrance, but stop it now. It won't work.


-Logan hits a kick and puts in a side headlock, but Kozlov throws him off. He hits a head butt, while having a double underhook applied. Logan goes up top for a cross body, but Kozlov catches him. Then he drops him holding onto his head and hitting an inverted DDT, or Scorpion death drop or whatever. What happened to the Russian Rack?

***Kozlov wins in 52 seconds. I wish he'd go back to saying i'm Vladimir Kozlov, and I love the W-W-E.

-Back to Vickie and Edge at the spa. Their getting facials. Teddy hands them drinks. Edge talks about the simple pleasures that Vickie has opened his eyes to today. He's found out he likes matching pedicures.

-MVP heads to ringside in a suit. He'll be joining in on commentary.

-Matt Hardy makes his way out for a match.

-Palumbo makes his way out on his bike. To my disdain it is not McCool's customized Diva bike.


-Palumbo takes Hardy down to the mat with a side headlock. Hardy gets to his feet and Palumbo takes him down with another side headlock. Shoulder block by Palumbo out of a side headlock. Ok, this is the 3rd match tonight to start like this. Hardy puts on a hammerlock. Palumbo backs him up into the corner and gets in a cheap elbow. Palumbo hits a snap mare then puts in a reverse chinlock. Now he hits a body slam.

-Hardy comes back with some punches and an enzuigiri. They both end up outside and Hardy starts jawing with MVP. Palumbo hits him from behind with a clothesline. They head to break 3:30 into the match.

-Back from the break Palumbo is control and gets 2 on a pin attempt after hitting a belly to belly overhead suplex. Now Palumbo hits a back suplex that gets a 2 count. Reverse chinlock by Palumbo. Isn't this what was supposed to happen at commercial? Hardy fights out of it and hits some forearms to the back, but gets hit with a big boot in the head. That move gets a 2 for Chuck. Chuck back to the chinlock. Hardy hits a boot to the face and the side effect for 2. Forearms to the face by Hardy. He hits a running clothesline in the corner. Matt gets on the 2nd rope and hits an elbow to the head, again he goes to the 2nd rope and hits a leg drop for 2. Hardy goes for twist of fate and Palumbo pushes him off then hits the fall away slam for 2. Hardy reverses the full throttle by Palumbo and hits the twist of fate. It's over.

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