WWE SmackDown! Results - April 11, 2008

WWE SmackDown! Results - April 11, 2008

***Matt Hardy wins in 11:55. (*). Who ever decided to put Palumbo in a near 12:00 match has lost their mind for the week.

-After the match MVP left the announce table and had a stare-fest with Matt as he walks up the ramp. Hardy enjoys the victory.

-Somebody, I think Eve is backstage with Jesse and Festus. She asks about how Festus is preparing for this high profile match. Jesse acts like nerves have got the best of him talking somberly. Wow, he said he's nervous. Good acting by Jesse. He said he's never seen Festus like this. They zoomed in on the face of Festus.

-Cole and Coach hype backlash and Kid Rock having the PPV theme song. They run down the card. Khali vs. Big Show is official.

-Wow, it's 9:40 and Taker is headed to the ring.

-They go to commercial.

-Back from the break Edge and Vickie are fooling around with whip cream in a bed. The lights go out. Teddy busts in and says he's not going to guard the door for this.

-Biscuits and Gravy! Jesse walks Festus to the ring.


-The bell rings and Festus goes nuts, but Taker cuts it off! Taker rings the arm and Festus delivers some big blows. Taker takes him down with a leg sweep and keeps on the arm. He rings it again and goes up to hit old school. The crowd is torn! Festus gets back control and hits head-butts to the belly. He throws several haymakers and a big uppercut. Taker hits a big boot at the charging Festus. Taker hits a body slam and goes to drop an elbow and Festus moves. Festus clothesline him over the top and goes outside. He throws some punches against the barricade then throws Taker back inside.

-Festus hits another head-butt then they trade punches. Taker hits an uppercut that sends Taker back outside. Festus again follows him outside, but this time gets thrown into the ring steps. Taker has Festus laid out on the apron and drops elbows across his throat. He gets on the apron now and drops the leg across the throat.

-Back in the ring again and they trade mounted punches. The crowd is dead silent for this match. Festus goes for a back body drop and ends up getting caught with a DDT for 2. Taker slams the head of Festus into the turnbuckle. They trade punches and Festus no-sells a head-butt. They trade punches in the middle of the ring now and both share the spot of teetering. Taker gets whipped into the ropes and ducks a clothesline from Festus, then hits his own. Big boot by Festus in the corner and a pin attempt follows that gets 2.

-Festus gets chokeslammed, but he gets his foot on the ropes at 2. Festus comes back with a clothesline. They battle in the corner and the ref gets knocked out. Festus hits a big boot, but there is no ref, and no cover! Festus goes to grab Taker, but Taker puts in the gogoplata. There is no ref though! Jesse is yelling for Festus to tap out. The back up ref makes his way to the ring and calls for the bell.

***Taker wins in 8:25. (*1/2).

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