The Bruiser Brody book by Barbara Goodish and Larry Matysik has now gone into a second English printing. The book was just released in Japan.

Ultimo Dragon's 5/11 show at Arena Mexico is headlined by Mistico, Tatsumi Fujinami and Ultimo Dragon vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Atlantis and Rene Dupree. The show will also feature Road Warrior Animal and Kensuke Sasaki (the Hell Raisers) vs. Damian 666 and El Terrible.

Speaking of Atlantis, the Plaza of the Stars in Mexico City has invited the lucha libre star to put his hand in cement.

From Jon Warhan and Ollie: Hardcore Holly defeated Chad Collyer with the Alabama Slam in around 5 minutes, as Raw's dark match on Monday in London, England.

From Fitzy p: Just thought that I would let you know of an incident that happened after the Raw show in Nottingham England on the April 13. There was a crowd of around 100 fans waiting for the tour bus to leave the area. Once the buses started coming out there were a few crazy fans that ran after the bus up the street. Next thing I hear a huge bang, we walked down the street to find one of the buses in the middle of the road with a completely window shattered. Two huge security guards came out of the bus looking for the guys who did this obviously pissed. Next minute Cody Rhodes runs off the bus looking round as well looking very angry. Chris Jericho came to the bus door looking understandably very pissed off. They stayed there for around 5 minutes.

Former ECW owner Tod Gordon is retiring from the wrestling business. He helped run the Pro Wrestling Unplugged indy promotion out of Pennsylvania, but a person in his immediate family is gravely ill and he must devote all of his physical and financial resources to the person's healthcare.

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