Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry at jrsbarbq.com. Some highlights from the blog entry:

- The uproar that many wrestling fans have displayed over Mike Adamle replacing Joey Styles as the play by play voice of ECW is one of the more far reaching and passionate displays of opinion in recent memory. I find it to be a really good thing that Joey has so many, and deservedly so, fans of his work that he has cultivated since the days of the original ECW. Two points here…some saying that Joe leaving ECW definitively says that the "ECW as we knew it is finally gone" seems like a day late and a dollar short. The original ECW "passed away" long ago, for better or for worse, and a new televised wrestling vehicle called ECW is now being broadcast. Secondly, others have predicted that the ECW TV rating will drop because of Adamle. That assumption is highly unlikely. Announcers rarely influence the ratings, even though I would love to say that they do as it might mean a little more "cheese on my Whopper" come pay day.

- Speaking of Bret Hart, I cannot encourage any one enough to buy Bret's autobiography. This is not only one of the very best wrestling books I have ever read, but one of the best biographies I have ever read…period. My personally autographed copy of this instant classic is one of my most treasured collectibles from one of my all time favorite wrestlers.

- I see where the WWE is looking for more ethnic Divas, specifically Brazilian and Latino Divas. With the company's global expansion into many new territories globally, it should come as no surprise that Divas and wrestlers of varying ethnicities will be targeted. Divas function as excellent spokespersons, particularly when involved in corporate functions. Perhaps some of them will learn how to wrestle or become proficient at "cat fighting," as their persona's evolve.

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