Update: Top SD! Member Suspended

Update: Top SD! Member Suspended Real Reason Inside

Update: Top SD! Member Suspended
WWE creative team member Michael Hayes has been suspended from the company for 60 days following an incident that took place in Orlando during Wrestlemania weekend. Hayes, the head writer of the SmackDown brand, allegedly used racist language towards SmackDown star Mark Henry.

The incident took place at a party that was held either Friday or Saturday night. Hayes had been drinking when he approached Mark Henry. Hayes told Henry, "I'm more of a n----- than you are." Henry took offense to the comment. After a physical altercation between the two, Henry reported the issue to either Vince or Stephanie McMahon.

At first, WWE tried to keep the suspension quiet. People who inquired were told that Hayes on vacation. However, when word got out about the incident with Henry, it was revealed that Hayes is suspended.

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