JR Comments On KOTR, Styles' New Job, Presidential Candidates

JR Comments On KOTR, Styles' New Job, Presidential Candidates
Jim Ross has posted yet another blog on his official website. Below are the highlights:

- The KOR Tourney Monday night in Greenville, S.C. certainly had its moments that featured a strong first half of the bracket and a perplexing second half of the tournament bracket. KOR winner William Regal is arguably one of the more underutilized talents in the biz and even though Regal can definitely talk, which all General Managers must obviously be able to do, he adds a valuable element of experience and expertise to any bout in which he is involved. In the immediate future one has to wonder if Regal is likely to continue to be the Raw G.M. or will Regal focus more on his wrestling career now that the U.K. native from Blackpool, England is the reigning King of the Ring?

- Howard Stern says he would not vote for a President of the United States that watches wrestling. Seems like a strange thing for Stern to say. Apparently, Stern has a very low opinion of the wrestling business. Now that's irony coming from Stern, who is one of the last guys I thought would have an antiquated, wrestling bias.

- I mentioned here last week that I thought it was a sound, promotional idea for the American Presidential candidates to appear on Monday Night Raw in some form, but I will admit that I was shocked when Clinton,Obama , and McCain all recorded messages specifically for the Raw audience. On the eve of the all important Pennsylvania primary, the Democratic hopefuls got the opportunity to be "regular Joe's" as did McCain who looks to have the Republican nomination for President locked up. None of them should quit their day jobs and look for work in 'rasslin, but they all seemed to be good sports in their recorded, cliche laden spiels.

- Some wrestling pundits really slammed the "match" between the impersonators posing as Hillary and Barack. I am not sure what folks expectations were for this "contest," but it was, plain and simple, nothing more than a publicity stunt that did garner a great deal of pub the week of a WWE pay per view. The WWE made air on media outlets that would never mention the WWE unless there was a tragedy or a scandal. While the "match" was not my personal cup of tea, it did not last long enough to offend me and I sort of got a kick out of the ovationUmaga received when he came to the ring to put an end to the frivolity.

- The added stipulation to the Fatal 4 Way WWE Title bout at Backlash, making it "Elimination Rules," is a good thing in my view. I like the fact that there could technically be three, separate eliminations before one man is left to claim the WWE Title.

- If you don't think HBK won't do all he can to "steal the show" Sunday night in Baltimore you might want to think again. The Michaels vs. Batista match has evolved nicely since WM24 and is arguably the most talked about match at Sunday's PPV. Following this one won't be easy.

- Joey Styles told me Monday in catering, no jokes please, that he was really enjoying his new gig at www.wwe.com. Joey seemed to be the most relaxed and comfortable that I have seen him since coming to work at the WWE. Joey has already instituted several changes to the WWE website with plenty more on their way. Joe said he was now a "retired announcer" and budding corporate executive. Styles is looking forward to the OKC RAW on June 30, as he considers himself a connoisseur of "Q" after living in Atlanta, and Joey knows his sacue…J.R.'s Bar-B-Q Sauce that is….and is planning on eating at one of our restaurants while he is in town.

You can JR's latest in its entirety by at jrsbarbq.com.

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