Others Coming Forward With Complaints Regarding Hayes Incidents

Others Coming Forward With Complaints Regarding Hayes Incidents
With the word out on Michael Hayes' 60-day suspension for using a racial slur towards Mark Henry, other individuals within the company are coming forward to management regarding similar past incidents involving the head writer of SmackDown.

A source claims that in one incident, Hayes mocked Dave Kapoor a.k.a. Ranjin Singh in a booking meeting. In addition to his on-air role as The Great Khali's translator, Singh is also a writer for the Raw brand. The alleged incident involves Hayes calling Kapoor a derogatory word, not to mention speaking in a stereotypical Indian voice to mock him. To make matters worse, the alleged incident occurred in the presence of agents, writers, and even members of the McMahon family, but nothing was done about it. Also note, Kapoor isn't the person complaining about the incident.

"I'm sure some will be b****** and just people looking to deliver receipts," the source said. "Others, well, unfortunately will be valid claims."

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