Kane [c] vs. Chavo Guerrero [ECW Championship Match] Chavo is introduced first followed by Kane. Once again we have the in-ring introductions as well. The bell rings and Kane and Chavo circle quickly. Chavo tries to go for the knee but Kane punches him off. Kane takes Chavo down and dropkicks him in the face. Fast paced. Kane tries a hangman's Neckbreaker, and then releases.

Kane with a big gorilla press slam. Chavo slammed outside now, Kane out after him. Chavo tries to double axe handle him from the apron but gets caught and is rammed against the apron back-first. Chavo now working on the leg outside, wrapping Kane's knee around the post and slamming.

Chavo climbs the ropes, Kane gets Chavo on his shoulders and hits an Electric Chair Drop. Referee counts both men down. Chavo up first. Chavo gingerly walks around Kane who reaches up and grabs his throat. Kane slams Chavo down and gets a two count. Chavo to the ropes and gets back body dropped. Kane to the top rope and hits a Flying Clothesline. Chavo rebounds and gets to the top rope, he leaps. Kane catches him but Chavo turns it into a Spinning DDT and gets a two count.

Chavo back to the ropes and Kane catches him with a choke. Kane steps to the first rope but Chavo Headbutts him off. Chavo hits a Frogsplash but Kane catches him by the throat as he lands, gets to his feet and Chokeslams Chavo. 1-2-3. Your Winner: Kane

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