Big Show vs. Great Khali The two monsters face off in the ring when the bell rings. Big Show steps up to Khali who is not scared. Khali shoves Show. Show shoves back and Khali delivers punches. Show to the ropes, ducks a clothesline and delivers a punch, Khali with one right back. Show with a headbutt. Khali with a headbutt of his own. Show with another, Khali with another. Show chops Khali, Khali chops Show. Clothesline by Khali that takes Show to the mat.

Khali applies a Crossface on the mat. Show gets to his feet and begins to punch Khali, then tries a scoop slam but falls backwards. Khali applies a nerve hold. Show breaks free and gets a Chop to the head. Two count for Khali.

Khali applies a Surfboard Submission hold. Crowd chanting boring. Show gets to a vertical based and back elbows his way out of the hold. Show kicks Khali and Scoop Slams him. Two count for Big Show.

Khali now tries a Khali Bomb but Show blocks it and slaps on a Choke, hits a Chokeslam and pins Khali. 1-2-3. Your Winner: Big Show

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