WWE's latest theme song CD is considered to be a flop. In its third week out, it sold 5,897 copies, falling to No. 113 on the Billboard chart. Total sales minus Wal-Mart are at 32,257.

At the SmackDown/ECW taping in Greensboro, NC last week, one person in attendance showed a "Fire Adamle" sign during the ECW broadcast. One of the tech guys jumped the rail to confisicate the sign. He said he needed the sign, although agreed with what was written on it. He said, "Even though I agree with you, we can't have that sign on TV." WWE now tapes ECW before SmackDown, so they were able to edit the sign off the show.

Vinny Massaro, an indy wrestler from California, is scheduled for the Howard Stern show on Thursday.

Maria was apparently grabbed by someone after the flight taking the Raw wrestlers back to the U.S. from the long European tour last week. The plane landed in Newark, New Jersey, before heading off to Greenville, SC for last week's Raw. Maria was very upset, loudly saying, "I can't believe he grabbed me like that. Who does he think he is?" Maria talked about making a formal complaint, but apparently didn't. Maria told fellow wrestler Umaga about the incident; Umaga asked where the guy was, but never found him. Maria was shaking and visibly upset well after the grabbing incident occurred.

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