WWE Stars Thought Adamle Storyline Was A Shoot, D.H Smith, Loads More

Mike Adamle and Tazz never returned backstage after their "walk out" on last night's ECW. Until the article on WWE.com went online, some workers believed that McMahon had fired Adamle during the broadcast.

Raw wrestler D.H. Smith wrestled at last night's Florida Championship Wrestling event. He tagged with long-time partner & friend T.J. Wilson.

Merinews out of India has an article on The Great Khali advocating yoga. Khali took up the exercise at the advice of his spiritual guru to help him control his temper and relax. Diamond Dallas Page and Trish Stratus are also mentioned in the article as supporters of yoga.

According to the Amazon UK web site, the Summmerslam Anthology DVD is scheduled for a 8/5 release.

The WWE house show in Lubbock, Texas on Friday, June 27th, 2008 will be a supershow featuring superstars from all three brands.

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