In case anyone's wondering, Ashley Massaro is backstage at tonight's show in Toronto and should be making an appearance.

According to, has a story on Mickie James helping a fan who suffered an epileptic seizure that was waiting in line to meet her (and Torrie Wilson) at an autograph signing the Friday before WrestleMania. The person in question sent an e-mail to NBC11 describing the heroic event. After the fan collapsed and started having the seizure, Mickie got got up and tended the man, keeping him calm as his seizure began to pass. The person who suffered the seizure described Mickie as being extremely helpful during the situation and sincerely concerned over his well-being. If we can find the article on the, we'll link it here.

The latest edition of WWE Magazine (with Triple H on the cover) features an interview with SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero, not to mention a photo of her shopping at the super market. The magazine asked Guerrero her thoughts on Guerrero was asked her thoughts on "wrestling wives that suddenly decide to condemn WWE in the media." Vickie responded, "I'm very disappointed with them. When they were a part of WWE and their husbands were working, they had no problems cashing the paychecks. But, if something goes wrong, they're the first ones to lash out. I've never been a public person - when Eddie passed away, I declined every interview request.I didn't want to go on TV and tell everyone how I felt. But this business has put food on our table for more than 20 years. It's taken care of my kids, and these people have become a second family to me. I don't have any respect for the women who've forgotten that this business fed their families for a long time." After the Benoit stuff went down, Debra McMichael and the widow of the late Johnny Grunge did a lot of media talking about the ills of the wrestling business. Also in the interview, Guerrero talks about Eddie having her practice wrestling moves on their bed to help give him ideas for matches.

Randy Orton has asked management for some time off from house shows. The story is that he's burned out. However, he still wants to work television and pay-per-views. Orton is penciled in for some top pay-per-view matches over the next few months. Orton's wife Samantha is expecting their first child in July, so you can see why he'd ask to be home more. Anyway, it is not known if his request has been granted, or for how long, although he was pulled from WWE's upcoming tour of Mexico.

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