WWE RAW Results (5/5)

WWE RAW Results (5/5) Trish Stratus & Vince McMahon!

Clubbing blows, a knee, a big boot. Another big boot. JBL with a clothesline. And a lariat. JBL connects with a couple of elbow drops before nailing the Clothesline From Hell for the win.

Winner JBL

JBL slaps Smith around after the match. He connects with right hand after right hand in the corner and the fans want Cena. Still, no Cena.

- Backstage William Regal gives a pep-talk to the ECW Roster. He promises to keep the power on. As they leave ECW Champion Kane stares down Regal.

- We are taken back to SmackDown from this past Friday night where GM Vickie Guerrero strips Undertaker of the World Heavyweight Championship.

The ECW Roster vs. Mr. Kennedy & WWE Champion Triple H
Kane has a separate entrance to the rest of the ECW superstars. During the match ECW guys begin to miss-communicate and fight amongst themselves. Triple H and Kennedy are tagging well together. Finish comes when Chavo Guerrero hits a Frog Splash on Kennedy for the win. A brawl breaks out between everybody! Mike Knox brings a steel chair in the ring, Triple H gets hold of it and takes out a few ECW guys with it. The lights go out, when they come back on Randy Orton is poised behind Triple H, Trips turns around into an RKO from the Legend Killer. Orton stands over Triple H as Raw comes to a close.

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