Rumored Khali Debut Names Revealed, D.H Smith A Heel/Face?, More

Rumored Khali Debut Names Revealed, D.H Smith A Heel/Face?, More
BBC News out of the U.K. has an article on The Great Khali today. Khali claims that he lives a modest lifestyle, and that he can't afford a customized car. "I have no fancy villa or cars," he said. "I live in a simple home and do not have the money to order a customized car that would fit my size." Khali believes that Americans had a hard time with his character at first. "Americans could not imagine someone from India in WWE," Khali said. "They are now actually having a lot of fun." Khali also reveals some of the ring names that were pitched to him prior to his WWE debut in April 2006. Khali himself proposed the name 'Big Bhima', which he got from an Indian movie. The names 'Giant Singh' and 'Lord Shiva' were also discussed, but ultimately rejected due to concerns that they would offend Indians. Khali ended up taking his name from Kali, an Indian goddess with destructive powers.

With no television at the moment in Florida Championship Wrestling, former Derby City Wrestling announcer Timothy Baltimore's new job is to get house shows booked for the WWE developmental promotion.

After last night, it remains unclear as to whether D.H. Smith is a babyface or heel in WWE. Some weeks he works as a babyface, and other weeks he works as a heel. Smith seems to work in either direction based on his opponent for the night -- he's the only wrestler in WWE with this peculiar distinction. During the past two weeks on Heat, Smith worked as a heel as his opponents were Super Crazy and Hardcore Holly on those nights. However, last night, he was back working as a babyface in his match with JBL. In an interesting bit of trivia, since coming off of a 30-day suspension from a Wellness Policy violation six months ago, Smith still has yet to get a shred of offense in during a match on Raw. Smith has worked a grand total of three matches, and he's been mercilessly pummeled in every single one of them. Smith was massacred by Umaga in a total squash match that lasted two minutes on an episode of Raw in late February. In March, Smith appeared in the Cena & Orton vs. "The Entire Raw Roster" match. Cena defeated Smith in about 30 seconds with three of his trademark moves. Smith didn't get a lick of offense on Cena either. And of course, there was his match with JBL on Raw last night which had him carried off on a stretcher during the commercial break.

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