ECW Rating, Lashley Returns, Chris Masters Signs New Deal

ECW Rating, Lashley Returns, Chris Masters Signs New Deal
- Tuesday's ECW on Sci-Fi drew a 1.1 cable rating rounded up from a 1.08 true rating. This is still low for ECW.

- Booker T's PWA just sent a press release plugging Bobby Lashley's in-ring return with them:

"Booker T's Pro Wrestling Alliance presents "CRITICAL CONDITION" with a very special guest, former World Champion Bobby Lashley who returns to wrestling for the first time in over four months! Selected "Rookie of the Year" by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2005, Lashley made an unprecedented leap to #9 overall in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Top 500 Wrestlers for 2007! Bobby Lashley is the quintessential grappler who mixes incredible strength with technical prowess."

- I had the chance to interview Chris Masters recently and he has signed a one year deal with NWE out of Spain (the same promotion hosting Ultimate Warrior's return). Go to for the full interview including comments on the possibility of going to TNA, what it's like now doing Indy dates, OVW (Cornette, DeMott, Storm), the new "clique" including Randy Orton, Matt Morgan's creation of the Masterpiece gimmick, steroids, the Ric Flair Retirement and much more.

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