Reader Rachel sent this in... While reading the new WWE Magazine Superstar Yearbook, I read in the Mickie James article that she might be switching brands. Here is what it said, "Despite the lack of Women's Championship, we wouldn't be surprised to see Mickie moved to SmackDown, where she can thoroughly dominate."

Former WWE/WCW Champion Sid Vicious is headlining a show for the National Wrestling Alliance on June 7. Tickets went on sale last Saturday, and a grand total of 28 tickets were sold during the first day. The Philips Arena in Atlanta holds up to 18,729 spectators for basketball. Despite the apparent low level of interest, sources close to the situation say that the show will go on as planned as the arena is the co-promoter of the event. Thus far, the show has only managed to fill out the front row as second row seats and beyond are still available through The only other "big name" originally advertised for the show was former WWE Superstar Rob Conway. Although, X-Pac and the Rock & Roll Express have since been added the card. The poster for the show featured old photos of the Iron Sheik and Tommy Rich, 51, although neither wrestler is listed for the show.

Former WWE star Rodney Begnaud a.k.a. Rodney Mack is trying his hand at MMA. He will be making his MMA debut on June 7 in Lafeyette, LA. He will be facing a guy who's real name is Joe Namath. Begnaud was a great high school athlete in wrestling and football, but is 35 years old now.

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