Former WWE tag team champion Sylvan Grenier is now working as a security guard for a night club in Montreal.

While testifying in court this week on behalf of his son Nick, Hulk Hogan wore his trademark. Typically, hats or caps are not allowed in court. Ron Stuart, a public information officer for the Sixth Judicial Circuit, said bailiffs did not ask Hogan to remove his trademark bandanna after he showed up late, because "it would have caused a big scene to have him take it off. He added, "Technically he shouldn't have been allowed to wear it. But normally bailiffs do those things when people are coming in, and there was just so much going on that it wasn't noticed in time."

On NBC, they're airing a commercial promoting the second season of American Gladiators, which premieres this Monday. At the end of the promo, Hulk Hogan barks out the late Road Warrior Hawk's trademark catchphrase, "What a rush!" Georgiann Makropoulos of was contacted by Road Warrior Animal and he is very upset with Hogan. Animals feels that it was Hawk's catchphrase and that Hogan should respect that by not using it.

Ultimate Warrior has launched channel on YouTube called Ultimate Warrior TV. Warrior will be uploading videos talking about his training for his upcoming return to wrestling. You can see his account at He has already uploaded two videos promoting his return to the ring.

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