Team 3D's TNA Contract, Tomko's Big Ego, Karen's Return, More News

Team 3D's TNA Contract, Tomko's Big Ego, Karen's Return, More News
Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Team 3D is under contract to TNA until October 2008.

TNA has announced new house shows for 6/20 in Danville, IL, 6/21 in Bloomington, IL and a 6/22 return to Louisville, Kentucky.

Backstage, it's being said that Tomko was getting a "big head," reports ProWrestling.NET. He was telling other wrestlers that some of his matches in Japan are really shoot fights. Tomko reportedly showed footage of a supposed shoot that ended with him performing a worked finishing move, which gave his friends a chuckle.

There has been talk of keeping Karen Angle off television for the most part for at least a few months. However, they plan on bringing her back with a big angle with Kurt. It looks like they hot-shotted that angle and Karen will be back within two weeks (tomorrow nights TV taping).

Memphis was selected to host Slammiversary since its one of the company's strongest television ratings market.

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