TNA Interested In Ultimate Warrior?, Knockouts Rip WWE Divas, More

TNA Interested In Ultimate Warrior?, Knockouts Rip WWE Divas, More
Thursday night on iMPACT!, an interview with Sting was conducted and he talked about he first broke into the professional wrestling. Ultimate Warrior's name was brought up during the interview as Sting noted that they broke into the business together as a tag team. Regarding possible interest in the Ultimate Warrior, TNA officials are indeed interested in his services. TNA has directed some inquires towards Warrior, however, we have no idea as to where things stand between the two parties.

During the pre-show portion of the Sacrfice pay-per-view this past Sunday, TNA ran a commercial promoting the girls of TNA. The commercial features voiceovers from a number of the Knockouts, and during the ad, one of them takes a veiled shot at "Divas," presumably of the WWE variety. Here is a transcript of the Knockouts commercial: "We don't settle grudges with pillow fights, bikini's, and lingerie. Screw that. We're not Barbies playing wrestling dress up - that's for Divas. We're real athletes, we take real risks. We embrace physicality - that's where they draw the line. The line we cross every time we enter the six sided ring. Like what you see? Good."

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