More stories about Michael Hayes' racism are coming forward. According to the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Hayes had said some racist statements in regards to Democratic front runner Barack Obama. There was fear that some of those statements would become public before Obama agreed to appear on Raw a few weeks ago. Apparently Hayes said, "How can we have a President that can't read the constitution?" and "If that boy gets elected, I'm moving to Canada."

The newsletter also mentions an interesting comment from a minority source on the WWE production team. The person noted that Dave Kapoor (Ranjin Singh) was removed as The Great Khali's manager and threatened to be fired for merely smiling during the in-ring ceremony for the 10th anniversary edition of Raw, while Hayes will be brought back to his position despite a history of racially insensitive comments.

While on the subject of potentially damaging press for WWE, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter also notes that NBC's Dateline is looking to possibly do a show on the pro wrestling industry in late June, coinciding with the one year anniversary of the Benoit tragedy. Apparently it's not a done deal yet, however it almost certainly would happen if they got the cooperation of Nancy Benoit's family, who have not been speaking due to the possibility of legal action.

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