More On Hayes' Racist Comments Towards Barack Obama

More On Hayes' Racist Comments Towards Barack Obama
As mentioned earlier, in Dave Meltzer's most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter he notes that head SmackDown writer Michael Hayes made racist comments towards Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

According to Meltzer Hayes said, “How can we have a President that can’t read the constitution?” and “If that boy gets elected, I’m moving to Canada.” Many within WWE questioned McMahon’s skit mocking Obama after Obama agreed to do Raw, despite knowing there was a risk of backfire if the Hayes story and his comments got out that week.

Bobby Lashley spoke out against Hayes last week in an audio interview saying that he personally did not like him. Hayes is currently serving a 60-day suspension for making racist comments towards Mark Henry. According to a WWE spokesperson Hayes will have to undergo further evaluation before he returns to work.

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