More Interbrand Matches Scheduled, Backstage Vince Note, Tons More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Vince McMahon made a call a few weeks ago to feature more interbrand matches on RAW.

Just last week, Jeff Hardy and William Regal were added to this week's RAW brand tour of Mexico. Obviously with today's news, Regal is off the tour now. He was scheduled to wrestle Shawn Michaels at the Saturday show in Mexico City. Hardy will be wrestling Chris Jericho tomorrow in Monterrey and on Friday in Mexico City. Mick Foley has also been added to the tour as he'll working as a special guest referee in some matches. WWE sent Foley, Ric Flair, Super Crazy, Mr. Kennedy and WWE Canada President Carl DeMarco for a press conference there last week.

Ultimate Warrior has posted two new videos on The videos have taken on a new format as he's now wearing an Ultimate Warrior Halloween mask and talking slowly in a low voice. In the two videos he asks fans which Warrior hairstyle they like better. He uses two Warrior action figures to compare. In the second video he talks about his training strategy for his wrestling return on June 25. In the next videos he plans on talking about Hulk Hogan, if he'll be cutting any "old-school" promos for his wrestling comeback, if he has plans to write a book, and more.

Tickets for Ring of Honor's Canadian debut on 7/25 in Toronto are now on sale at

Tommy Dreamer has a new article up on where he looks at a charity event that he, Mick Foley, and other WWE stars appeared at.

Cryme Time, Jimmy Wang Yang, Melina, Elijah Burke, Jesse, Festus, Lena Yada, Jillian Hall and Domino will be appearing at the opening of Victoria's new bodyshop, Black Widow Customs, on 5/22 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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