WWE Mexican Tour Begins Tonight, Hayes Suspension Update, More

WWE Mexican Tour Begins Tonight, Hayes Suspension Update, More
TNA issued a mobile alert on Monday announcing that Abyss is looking to return at the Slammiversary PPV on June 8. Videos have already started airing on iMPACT! hyping his return to the company.

At this point Michael Hayes is still expected to return as Smackdown's lead writer after his suspension is up. However, many feel his comment towards Mark Henry will continue to haunt him as more continues to become revealed. As noted late last week here on the site, Hayes made some derogatory statements about current Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, something WWE officials feared would come out before Obama appeared on Monday Night RAW. According to The Wrestling Observer, Hayes asked, "How can we have a President that can't read the constitution?" Hayes reportedly also stated, "If that boy gets elected, I'm moving to Canada."

WWE's Raw brand kicks off a tour of Mexico tonight beginning in Monterrey lasting until this Saturday. Here is how the full schedule looks:

-- House Show in Monterrey, Mexico tonight, May 21.
-- House Show in Queretaro, Mexico on Thursday, May 22.
-- House Show in Mexico City, Mexico on Friday, May 23.
-- House Show in Mexico City, Mexico on Saturday, May 24.

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