Thursday night in Monterrey, Mexico, Chris Jericho got busted open and needed stitches after his match with Jeff Hardy.

Triple H has some major competition for the lead role in Marvel Comics' upcoming Thor movie. According to some entertainment websites, Brad Pitt is apparently being considered for the lead role. No offer has been made to Pitt yet, but he is high on the list of potential candidates to play the part. Another lead candidate for the role is actor Kevin McKidd of HBO's Rome series. Furthermore, according to the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, the deal with Triple H and Thor is that Marvel officials are interested in his services, but scheduled director Matthew Vaughn is greatly opposed to the idea of casting him in the movie. Vaughn has informed the studio about his displeasure with possibly using Triple H in the movie.

Just like last year, WWE plans on trotting out old stars for the pay-per-view formerly known as Vengeance, Night of Champions. WWE plans on bringing back a number of ex-champions for cameo appearances. The theme of having every WWE title defended on the show made it last year, by a small margin, the most successful of all the "B" pay-per-views. The event is set to take place in Dallas on June 29.

WWE offered Mick Foley the SmackDown color commentator role on the day of the premiere of the movie he had a small part in, Anamorph. The move happened just days before Backlash.

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