Jay Lethal/So Cal Val Wedding

A pastor is in the ring for the Jay Lethal/So Cal Val wedding. Ace Young from American Idol is introduced. Kamala is introduced next, followed by Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. Koko B. Ware is out next with Frankie (the bird). George 'The Animal' Steel is the final 'groomsmen out to ringside. Steele didn't use the entrance ramp but came around the side.

Sonjay Dutt and the 'maid of honor' Sarah Dunnigan come out next. SoCal Val is out last. The pastor says if anyone has any objections to speak now or forever hold their peace. He asks Jay if he takes Val to be his wife. He asks Val the same. Sonjay interrupts and says he has something to say. Jay Lethal tells him to stop but Sonjay says that he is talking to Val. He confesses his love for Val.

Sonjay says the man that she is going to marry tonight isn't going to be Lethal, it's going to be him. Dutt gets on his knees and begs her. Jay Lethal pulls him away. Sonjay wrecks the wedding props and hits a hard shot on Lethal. Ace Young comes in the ring and eats a right hand from Dutt. Dutt takes out Koko B. Ware only to get worked over. Kamala comes in to double team Dutt with Koko B. Ware. Val is taken away from the ringside area by her maid of honor. Jake Roberts gets his python from under the ring. He lets it out of a bag and sets it on Sonjay. He freaks out as George 'The Animal' Steel eats the turnbuckle cover.

The segment ends with Sonjay retreating. The legends are in the ring with Jay Lethal.

(Results by Richard Gray, WNW)

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