Grudge Match
AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is out first with Tomko. A.J. comes out next, both have hoods on. A.J. lowers his as he makes his way down the ramp. Kurt looks to be in great shape, we'll see how he looks once the bell rings. Referee Earl Hebner tells Tomko to get out of the ring. Tomko goes to the outside but he's still at ringside. The bell rings and we're underway.

Styles and Angle lock up. Kurt puts some mat wrestling on AJ. AJ is able to counter out and they're both back to standing positions. They lockup again as Angle takes Styles down with a side headlock takeover. Styles counters but Angle hits a shoulder blocks. Styles connects on three arm drags before sending him to the outside. Angle regroups with Tomko on the outside as he gets back in the ring to take on Styles. Angle kicks AJ and hits a European uppercut. Styles hits a tremendous dropkick as Angle goes off the ropes. AJ follows his counter with right hands.

Tomko distracts Styles, Angle is able to rake him in the eyes. Angle stomps AJ in the corner of the ring. Angle doesn't connect on a running shoulder block as AJ connects on a high flying spring board. AJ gets a two count. AJ goes off the ropes and eats an elbow from Angle. The shot sends Styles to the outside. Earl Hebner backs Tomko off AJ on the outside. Hebner ejects Tomko from ringside. While the referee was distracted, Angle cheap shots AJ into the rail.

Angle argues with Hebner over Tomko. AJ uses the distraction to connect a flip dive over the top rope onto Angle. Angle immediately grabs the back of his neck. Styles rolls Angle back into the ring and gets a quick one count. Back breaker from Styles onto Angle. He gets a two count. Scoop slam from AJ onto Angle. Styles hits a knee drop on Angle and another near fall. Angle starts backing Styles off. The crowd is slip, half for Angle, half for Styles. Angle tosses Styles over his head onto the mat. Angle tosses Styles over his head and gets a two count. Kurt locks a submission hold on the mat on Styles.

Angle breaks the hold and connects several right hands to the face of Styles. Angle applies a sleeper hold on Styles. AJ looks to be bleeding from his mouth. Belly-to-belly release overhead suplex from Angle onto Styles. He connects another and gets a series of covers. Angle applies a chinlock submission on Styles. AJ battles back to his feet and goes off the ropes. Angle stops him with a knee to the lower midsection. Angle hits a great back breaker and a two count. AJ has a bloody nose, it's not coming from his mouth.

Angle hits some European uppercuts on AJ in one of the corners. Angle taunts Styles with knees to the face. Angle sets AJ up on the top rope and lands stiff right hand shots. Kurt gets on the middle rope and hits more right hands. AJ battles back with his own punches. Kurt goes for a superplex, Styles counters off the rope and face plants Angle. Both men get back to their feet and have an exchange of right hands in the middle of the ring. Angles uses more uppercuts but goes off the ropes and eats a series of clotheslines. Styles hits a suplex on Angle for another near fall.

Angle strikes AJ in the face with some knees. Angle hits a couple of German Suplexes, now AJ counters with his own suplex. Both men are on the mat again. The referee starts the double count out. AJ gets back to his feet first, he does but ends up eating another German Suplex. Angle goes right for the cover but only gets a two count. What happened was AJ went for the discus move but Kurt counters to the suplex. AJ connects out of nowhere on a kick to the back of Angle's head. Both men are down. AJ get back to his feet but eats a belly-to-belly suplex from Angle. Another near fall. Kurt stalks AJ in the ring. Styles gets to his feet and Angle goes for the Angle Slam. Styles hits a DDT on the former TNA Champion. AJ gets a two count.

AJ drives an elbow to the back of Angle's head. He goes for Styles Clash. He counters and ends up locking in the ankle lock. AJ breaks it and sends Angle face first into the corner turnbuckle. Styles hits an inverted DDT and another near fall. Styles goes to the top rope with Angle on the mat. Angle gets up and gives Styles an Angle Slam off the top rope. He gets a two count. Angle takes the straps down on his singlet and goes back to the ankle lock submission on Styles. Out of nowhere, Styles gets Angle in a roll-up and a two count. Styles hits his Pelé Kick and gets a two count. Styles goes for Styles Clash but Kurt counters and gets Styles back in the ankle lock.

Angle has the ankle lock on AJ in the middle of the ring. AJ finally counters out but Earl Hebner is knocked out in the process. AJ wraps his feet around the neck of Angle and sends him to the outside. Karen Angle comes down the ramp with a steel chair. Karen teases that she is going to give Kurt the steel chair. Styles is able to use this to his advantage and hits the Styles Clash and get the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

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