Lauren brought in Joe for the pre-match interview. Joe said he plans to be the cure for some sort of sickness in wrestling. He said the warrior isn't rewarded anymore, but rather the opportunist. Joe gave himself the "out" if he loses to an opportunist/politician. Joe said the TNA fans are sick and tired of the politicians in wrestling and he is the man to cure this.

- They focused on the King of the Mountain match history where the champion hasn't walked out still champion.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
King Of The Mountain Match
Special Enforcer: Kevin Nash
Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode vs. Booker T vs. Christian Cage vs. Rhino

Kevin Nash, the match's special enforcer, comes to the match first. They are currently building everyone of the challengers by showing promotional videos, so it will be long...

After over 10 minutes of videos, Joe finally gets in the ring and lifts the TNA Championships up. But hey, isn't over yet! Jeremy Borash is in the ring with the introductions. He acknowledges the King of the Mountain match-up as tonight's main event. JB says that we're live from Memphis (ugh, that's so annoying). Rhino is introduced first followed by Robert Roode, Christian Cage, Booker T, and finally TNA Champion Samoa Joe.

All five competitors start the match ineligible. You have to get a pin or submission to get eligible. If you get pinned or submit you go to the cage for two minutes.

The match starts with all five men brawling. Samoa Joe works on Rhino, Robert Roode and Cage fight on the outside. Rhino helps Christian with Roode. Booker and Samoa Joe go at in the ring. Rhino throws Roode into a ladder. Booker chops Joe on the outside, they exchange chops. Rhino and Cage take out Roode in the ring. Booker and Joe continue to fight up the ramp. Christian throws Rhino into Roode. Cage and Rhino hit a double-team suplex on Roode. Booker is giving it to Joe on the ramp. Cage takes a bad landing out of the ring and tends to his knee. Booker covers Rhino in the ring, he only gets a two count. Booker gets another cover. Christian is on the outside selling his knee.

Rhino fights Booker off and right out of the ring. Joe and Rhino circle on another inside the ring. Inverted atomic drop from Joe onto Rhino. Joe goes for the pin but Roode interferes. Roode gets whipped into the corner by Joe. Joe chops the back of Roode in the ring. He drops a knee to his face. Christian is back in, he goes at Joe but Roode goes after him. Christian counters with a DDT. Now Joe backs Christian down with slaps. Booker is down inside the ring. Hard kick from Joe onto Cage.

Christian is on the top rope, he goes off but Joe ends up getting a power slam. Booker T goes at Joe but he hits a power slam on him as well. Christian goes off the middle rope with a forearm shot on Joe. He gets a cover. No one is eligible. Joe kicks Christian in the back of the head while Christian is on the top turnbuckle. Joe kicks Christian in the face once he goes off of the top turnbuckle. Christian roles out. Joe was in the ring alone but Booker takes him to the outside and goes to work on him. Booker takes care of Samoa Joe on the outside, including slamming his face on the announcer's table. Booker gets in and gives Rhino a Book End and gets a three count. Rhino in the penalty box, Booker T is the first man eligible.

Booker goes up to Nash, the Special Enforcer, and take the belt from him. Booker grabs a ladder and tries to hang the title. Joe stops him from the outside. Booker beats on Joe on the outside. Christian Cage connects on a drop kick from inside the ring on Joe and Booker who are holding the ladder. Roode nearly becomes eligible with a pin on Cage. Christian and Roode go back and forth in the ring as Rhino gets out of the two minute cage. Joe gets in the ring and lands a slam on Christian Cage. Joe dives out of the ring, over the top ropes on Roode, Rhino, and Booker T. Meanwhile, Christian cage gets on top of the King of the Mountain penalty box. He flies off the top onto the other challengers.

Cage goes for a table under the ring. He sets it up but Roode connects with some right hands. Cage roles Roode into the ring and throws in a ladder after taking out Samoa Joe with the ladder. In the ring, Christian has a ladder but eats a steel chair shot from Roode. Roode pins Christian to become eligible. Robert Roode is now eligible. Out of nowhere Rhino pins Roode to become eligible. Rhino is now eligible. Nash works Roode over to get him into the penalty box.

Rhino starts to climb a ladder in the ring but Joe knocks him off. Now Booker and Samoa Joe go at it in the ring as Christian and Roode fight in the penalty box. Booker misses an ax kick and Samoa Joe uses submission. Christian jumps off the top of the penalty box with a frog splash on Booker. Christian Cage is now eligible. Booker goes in the box as Roode comes out. Christian climbs the ladder but Roode throws him off. Roode makes his way up the ladder with the belt but is suplexed off by Rhino. Christian makes his way up but Joe takes him off with a huge bulldog off the ladder. Great spot. Rhino hits Gore on the TNA Champion. Joe is the only man not eligible.

'This is awesome' chants from the crowd as Rhino and Joe are down in the ring. Cage on the apron, Nash on the outside. Booker comes out of the penalty box but he doesn't appear ready. Nash handed Rhino the belt but Booker took it from him and gave Nash a shot with it. Booker lays out Joe then Roode with the title belt. Then Christian who tried to stop him. Booker's alone in the ring wasting time with the title belt and the ladder. Booker climbs the ladder but here comes Nash. Nash takes a shot on Booker then powerbombs him off the ladder.

Cage goes through the table after a shot from Rhino. Roode is in the ring, sets up the ladder. Joe is on the mat. Now Joe and Roode arm wrestle over the TNA title belt. Joe hits the Muscle Buster on Roode. He gets the pin to become eligible. Samoa Joe is now eligible. Joe is all alone and, guess what, he is able to climb to the top of the ladder and hang the title belt to become the 'King of the Mountain'.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe gets his hand raised with the TNA Championship. Kevin Nash comes in the ring and shakes his hand. Joe applauds Nash as he takes his towel and the pay-per-view cuts to a promotional video.

(Results by Richard Gray, WNW)

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