The Sun website has a video feature on "Addicted" singer Jared Weeks of band Saving Abel's relationship with TNA star Angelina Love. In the video Weeks describes his emotions towards Lauren, which is the TNA Knockout's real name. He talks about how sweet she is in real life, and then they'll see her at wrestling shows and she's acts like "the devil." You can see the video at

As noted earlier, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan recently had his WWE contract restructured. He is no longer receiving a weekly salary from the company, although it saves him from having to be "future endeavored" on He has been switched over to Legends deal, and is currently working on a pay-per-appearance basis. Duggan worked a match with Ted DiBiase, Jr. at a house show over the weekend, so it looks like the company will continue to use him when need be. His new deal enables him to accept indy wrestling bookings without having to clear them with the office. This is something full-time WWE wrestlers aren't allowed to do. Promoters interested in booking Duggan can contact his agent Mike O'Brien at [email protected]

WWE is releasing a special poster magazine next Tuesday. The magazine includes 20 posters (or rather 10 you can actually take out from one issue) featuring a slew of WWE stars. Hornswoggle is featured on the cover. The magazine featured a life-sized poster of him.

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